Tuesday, November 23, 2004

New Gene Linked to Lighting Up

Scientists believe they have identified a gene that makes some young smokers greatly at risk to nicotine addiction, a factor that also influences the outcome of efforts to wean them off tobacco.

The finger is being pointed at two variants of a gene called CYP2A6, which controls enzymes that clear up nicotine in the liver.

Variants of this gene decrease levels of the enzymes, which means the nicotine is processed more slowly.

As a result, the brain is quickly exposed to high concentrations of nicotine, thus giving the smoker a pleasurable feeling, which is the key to addiction, according to the study, which appears on Tuesday in a British journal, Tobacco Control.
I can't wait for the day when a child will get a DNA test at birth and you will know how susceptible you are to nicotine, alcohol, and other food and drugs. I say that day is 15 years off where everyone can get their DNA sequenced for a reasonable fee.

via News24.com

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