Friday, October 29, 2004

About Fat Knowledge

What is Fat Knowledge about?
Things that are interesting and important and things that aren't but are damn funny.

Fat Knowledge is about quantifying the previously unquantifiable, making the invisible visible and elucidating counter intuitive and thought provoking ideas.

Fat Knowledge tends towards the timeless over the timely, and towards problems that are global in scope and long term in nature. It is about imagining what kind of world we want to see in 2050 and what needs to happen to create that world. About how we can maximize well-being while minimizing consumption.

What isn't Fat Knowledge about?
No matter what Google might tell you, this blog is not about knowledge of fat, fat girls who dominate men, fat girls smoking weed, or america's next top model living in asia blog fish eating feet. And sorry Japanese World Diet Weightloss Beauty Health Blog, but this has nothing to do with how can lose 15 pounds.

Astronomy. I just don't give a rip about what happens outside of the Earth. Given the diversity of topics I post on and my general love for science you might expect differently, but as far as I'm concerned the Earth is fascinating enough and SETI is the biggest waste of human intelligence ever.

Why the name Fat Knowledge?
There used to be a book store named Fat Brain and I always liked the visual. Fat knowledge is what you need to fill up a fat brain.

Don't you mean phat instead of fat?
No, phat is synonymous with bling-bling, thoughtless materialism, and style over substance. Fat is synonymous with heavy and deep ideas, thoughtful minimalism, and substance without regard to style. Fat it is the anti-phat.

What topics does Fat Knowledge cover?
Click on the links below for a list of the best posts on that topic (though probably not up to date) or click on the links to the right under "Labels" to see the most recent posts.

  • Environmentalism - How we can minimize our footprint on the environment.
  • Technology - Reviews, cool web sites, browser tools, new gadgets, and cutting edge R&D.
  • Economics - The economy and alternative ways to measure economic success.
  • Energy - Alternative energy, oil, coal and natural gas.
  • Nature - Animals, wilderness, the oceans, and net primary productivity.
  • Funny - Name says it all.
  • Interesting Articles - The articles of the week I found most interesting.
  • Brain - Research on the brain.
  • Genetics - Research on genetics.
  • Photos - Posts that have images.
  • Video - Posts that have video.
  • Solar - Solar power technology and companies.
  • Cyborgs - Technology that is integrated directly with humans.
  • Digital Economy - Economics of digital goods.
  • Happiness - Research on happiness.
  • Labeling - Social and environmental labeling.
  • Bacteria - The micro organisms that live in our guts, and those that help us to create new biofuels.
  • Media - TV, radio, movies, newspapers, books and blogs.
  • Biofuels - Ethanol, biodiesel and others.
  • Vs. - Comparisons of two objects.
  • Men Vs. Women - How the sexes differ.
  • Other - Catchall for everything else.
What is your motivation for creating this blog?
To force myself to thoroughly think through important issues by going through the process of writing about them. To share information that others might find useful.

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