Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Best of Cyborgs

My Favorites:
See through your tongue
Remote control shark spy
Happiness brain implant

Best of the Rest:

Body Monitoring
A whole bunch of devices are being developed to help monitor the body and interact with computers. There is a brain wave sensing device for prevention of drowsiness at the wheel, underwear that monitors the amount of body movement for weight loss, a t-shirt with embedded wires called the Lifeshirt for gauging heart rate and measuring respiration, a glucose monitoring watch and a wristwatch called the Exmocare that monitors pulse, heart rate and motion.

On the stress and concentration side, we have a relaxation sensor that can be played as a game, the stress eraser for measuring stress with an iPod like device, a video game that promotes competitive relaxation and a tech gadget helps boost concentration.

To interact with a computer by thinking we have Cyberlinks's Brainfinger, a personal computer acting as mind reader, and gamers may soon control action with thoughts.

Popular Science has an overview of human upgrades. Neural implants are being developed to cure many diseases including a happiness brain implant. These devices will get energy from blood powered fuel cells and body temperature powered batteries. The senses will soon be augmented as seen by robo chick with artificial eyes, a device that allows you to see through your tongue and I lay out what I want to be able to hear when I pimp my cochlear implant. 1st Woman With Bionic Arm.

Brain implants are the holy grail of cyborg implants. This is starting to happen with a USB port to the brain (and part II), the BrainGate, and a robot arm controlled by thought. (See also Best of Brain)

Animal cyborgs
The Pentagon is planning a cyber insect army along with a remote control shark spy.

Reverse cyborgs
While I had thought that humans and animals would become more like machines, now the reverse is also happening as machines and robots are becoming more biological. Brain cells in a dish fly a simulated fighter, an Ecobot eats dead flies for fuel and cars will start using bacterial enzymes for improved catalysts.

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