Friday, March 04, 2005

Glucose Monitoring Watch

I am always a sucker for new ways of monitoring and measuring how the body is running. This one seems pretty slick.

Details in an article at Globes Online:

Glucon’s flagship device, the Glucose Monitoring Watch, will display a continuous reading of the patient’s real time blood glucose level, enabling the patient to take the necessary measures to treat their condition. It will do so by marrying two proven scientific tools - photonics and acoustics. Ultrasound imaging is employed to identify a blood vessel and optical spectroscopy is used to quantify the glucose concentration within the blood vessel.
Basically, you will be able to monitor your blood sugar levels real time all the time without having to prick yourself or otherwise obtaining blood.

I would love to know how my blood sugar fluctuates throughout the day and how that correlates with moods and concentration. I would also like to know how much different types of meals affect my blood sugar. This would be pretty slick to figure out that kind of stuff.

via Gizmodo

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