Thursday, December 02, 2004

Brain Wave Sensing Device for Prevention of Drowsiness at the Wheel

By means of magnetic field sensors located on the cranium, the device transmits data to a PDA – a small, pocket computer – which analyses the kinds of waves registered and acts in consequence. The sensors are located in a cap which maintains a certain pressure on the skull and which has a small device at the back which receives information from the sensors and directs them to the PDA. The connection between both is by radio-frequency as employing wires might be dangerous in case of an accident.

The device, which analyses the brain waves of the driver, has been designed by the students at the Public University of Navarre and presented at the XVIII Technical Seminar on Automotion.

The authors of the project estimate that it the device would cost 4,500 euro, currently a very expensive item.
Sounds pretty cool. You wear a cap that is analyzing your brain waves via bluetooth (or some similar wireless technology) to a PDA. It can tell if you are falling asleep. I wonder if they could also tell other brain states like optimal concentration, peaceful meditation, aggravasion. It would be cool to wear it all the time (assuming they could make it fit inside a baseball cap) and take a look at how your brain was functioning througout the day. Getting sleepy around 2-3pm? Now you know exactly how bad it is. Or what if students wore this to class and teachers could see which students are on the brink of falling asleep? Lots of cool potential apps.

via Basque Research

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