Saturday, December 18, 2004

Global Corruption Barometer

I think that instead of focusing on spreading "freedom" and democracy, the US should try and increase transparency and reduce corruption around the world.

The Global Corruption barometer put out by Transparency International is a good ranking of which countries are doing well and which aren't. And it looks like the US has some work at home to deal with as well.

In half the 64 countries surveyed, political parties were rated by the general public as the institution most affected by corruption, the report' authors said. According to the survey carried out by the polling company Gallup International, Ecuador rates worst in its population's es for political corruption, followed closely by Argentina, Brazil, Peru and India.

The countries considered to have the most honest parties in terms of corruption were Singapore, the Netherlands and Albania.

Transparency International, a Berlin-based non-governmental organization which evaluates and ranks corruption around the world, released its 2004 Global Corruption Barometer in Paris today to coincide with the UN International Anti-Corruption Day.

via Indian Express

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