Sunday, December 12, 2004

Urban India Piling on the Pounds

Nice to see that not only are we outsourcing our work, we are also outsourcing our eating habits. And so much for the idea that a vegetarian diet is always healthy.

While city dwellers account for only 5 percent of India's billion-plus population, they consume 40 percent of the country's fat intake, according to The Times of India.

And in the same country where 4 million people died of famine in 1943, the Indian Medical Association reports that one in three residents of Delhi is now obese. Residents of the capital consume 20 percent more fat and 40 percent more sugar than they did 50 years ago.

Nationwide, 31 percent of urban Indians are either overweight or obese, according to professor Anoop Misra, a specialist in metabolic diseases at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, the country's leading medical school.
via The Seattle Times

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