Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Best of Nature

My Favorites:
My pro-life agenda
Species census
Animals are afflicted with "the gayness"

Best of the Rest:
How many species are going extinct?
Census of marine life

NASA throws down some really cool world satellite maps of chlorophyll and net primary productivity (also called the Earth's metabolism). NASA finds that net primary productivity has been rising with the warmer climate. US forests are on the rebound, and forests are increasing in much of the world.

Sweet underwater photography from and BP Kongsberg underwater image competition. Or if you like your photography above the surface check out this insect art.

Animals are afflicted with "the gayness" and experience other forms of sexual deviance.

I love my great white sharks, especially when they are jumping out of the air and when they are being ridden by humans. Great whites aren't the only cool hunters in the sea as Orca's show young how to hunt seals.

Humans can not live without our bacteria in the gut . In fact, we can be though of as super organisms or as I like to put it "I am We" (and I am We part II). There are actually twice as many genes in our gut as in our body. Intestinal bacteria may explain obesity and a new bacteria in our mouths will mean no more cavities.

Bacteria also pull off photosynthesis sans light and work as an improved catalyst in cars.

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