Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Best of Media

My Favorites:
Time is more valuable than money in the attention economy
Media usage and consumer spending
How much is my TV watching worth?

Best of the Rest:
There are 1 billion hours of watched a day and 37 million hours of good television a year.

I make forecasts for the future of TV, and am proved right when Charlie Rose shows go on Google Video and TV Stardom is now possible on $20 a day.

Kevin Kelley has a great piece about the future of books and media.

I have big hopes for Ebooks and and this Sony Ebook reader in particular.

When it comes to music, cellphones are now able to name that tune and software can accurately picks hits.

Gillmor asks why do newspapers charge for old news? The New York Times Editorial teams shows they just don't get the digital economy.

The economics of new media are still up in the air. One idea is to have a
universal tax on internet access which allows free music downloads and artists are paid according to based on the number of downloads. Another is to read it or watch it and then swap it. Another is to allow you to earn cellphone minutes by watching ads. Or makes your riches with blogs. The newspapers have to do something because the shifting of readers to the internet is causing a shrinking in reporting.

New media is all about the subscription which leads to Subscriptions Overload.

New York Times looks at the average American entertainment budget. Technorati gives us the state of the blogosphere.

Wondering who is reading what magazines? Check out magazine circulations.

And how to wrap this all up? Lets leave it with man upstairs in an article on Godcasting.

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