Thursday, March 02, 2006

Magazine Circulations

As I continue my search to understand how American's consume media, I found this cool site Audit Bureau of Circulations, that lets you (as the name suggests) find out the circulation of any magazine of newspaper. If you do a search with no name, it grabs all the data it has available. There are over 630 magazines in this database with 1,000+ subscribers. No wonder the magazine racks have grown so large. Ignoring the AARP and AAA magazines, Readers Digest has the greatest circulation at 10 million. 89 magazines have readerships greater than 1 million. Total paid readership for all of these magazines comes to 369 million.

The magazines I subscribe to (Wired, Scientific American and the Economist) all have a readership of about 600,000, they rank #150, 153 and 155 in largest circulations.

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