Friday, March 24, 2006

Climate Labeling for Cars

Probst, a senior fellow at Resources for the Future, has proposed a "global warming performance" label that would appear on the window of all new vehicles. The goal: to help educate consumers assess the climate impacts of the purchase they are about to make by allowing them to identify cars with lower emissions. Her vision is outlined in a just-released article, Combating Global Warming One Car at a Time: CO2 Emissions Labels for New Motor Vehicles.
I am a big fan of better labeling on our products, so we as consumers can make choices based on environmental impact, workers conditions and other such values rather than just making our decisions based on quality and price. This is one innovative way to do that. I like the concept, but I wonder how much additional information this really gives you that the MPG rating doesn't already have. Seems like this is just another way of stating the fuel efficiency of the vehicle.

via WorldChanging

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