Thursday, July 13, 2006

Great White Riding

Ever since my formative years watching Shark Week on the Discovery Channel, I have always had a thing for the sharks, and in particular the Great White.

First there was viewing Great Whites from boats. Then came cage diving with them. Then viewing them while riding in a underwater scooter with a metal cage for protection. Then scuba diving in a team with just pokers for protection. Then snorkeling with them without protection.

And now: Great White riding. Pioneered by Andre Hartmann, while snorkeling with Great Whites, you can actually hold on to their dorsal fin and have the shark take you for a ride. There is a great video of this in Jean-Michel Cousteau's Ocean Adventures Sharks at Risk episode.

I used to want to go cage diving with the Great Whites. Now, I want to ride one.

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