Friday, July 21, 2006

Guide Owners Discourage 'Casual Flying'

I was whinning previously about how Greens put too much emphasis on SUVs and Hummers and not enough on air travel. Turns that only applies to this side of the Atlantic. Over in the UK, the Greens have figured it out.

Now the founders of the Rough Guides and Lonely Planet books, troubled that they have helped spread a casual attitude towards air travel that could trigger devastating climate change, are uniting to urge tourists to fly less.

Mark Ellingham, the founder of Rough Guides, and Tony Wheeler, who created Lonely Planet after taking the hippie trail across Asia, want fellow travellers to "fly less and stay longer" and donate money to carbon offsetting schemes. From next month, warnings will appear in all new editions of their guides about the impact of flying on global warming alongside alternative ways of reaching certain destinations.
Solid move. I especially like how they display the emissions cost of the round trip flight for each destination. Just making people aware of the impact and having them put it into the calculus of choosing their destination is a great step to take.

via The Guardian

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