Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Interesting Articles of the Day

Train your spouse like an exotic animal. Sounds degrading, but it isn't.

Number of wars in world at new low in 2005.

To stop seizures, neurosurgeons perform hemispherectomies where they remove an entire hemisphere from the brain. If done on young children, the remaining hemisphere can learn to do double duty and the patients can live a more or less normal life.

Tuangou, or team buying, aims to drive unprecedented bargains by combining the reach of the internet with the power of the mob. It is spreading through China like wildfire.


Roger said...

Keeping the number of wars down is difficult--rather like keeping forest fires down.

Sometimes wilderness firefighters must start controlled burns to limit the extent to which a wildfire might burn.

Likewise war controllers must sometimes start small regional wars in order to prevent larger wars. Rather like burning off the underbrush, what?

It is a responsibility for which pacifists need not apply. Indeed.

Pacifists have their hands full simply organizing all those marches and suchlike. Imagine the mess they would make had they anything actually important to do? Ghastly.

To understand the world one must think at least three levels beyond the reach of journalists, and at least five levels beyond the reach of academics, eh?

trishna said...

I love the NYT story about using exotic animal training techniques on spouses -- its absolutely hilarious, but also so true!! :) Where do you find these stories, so funny. Oh, and the Chinese group-shoppers, how funny is that? Capitalism at its best I guess!! Only in China...

I love reading all of the random stories you write about on your blog -- they're usually things that are so interesting, exciting, and amusing all at once :)

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