Friday, July 21, 2006

Landor Associates Study on Consumers and 'Green'

A new study conducted by branding firm Landor Associates, shows that fifty-eight percent of the general population surveyed considers itself "Not Green Interested." These self-proclaimed "non-green" individuals do not care about environmentally friendly practices, including recycling, corporate social responsibility, or natural and/or organic ingredients.

The study, which was conducted among 510 males and females ages 18 and over, identifies that twenty-five percent of the respondents consider themselves "Green Interested," meaning that while this group is concerned about the environment, it is not active in its defense. The remaining seventeen percent surveyed are, in fact, "Green Motivated," meaning that they feel it's very important for a company to be Green. The Green Motivated individuals do base purchase decisions on whether or not a brand reflects Green behavior in its packaging, ingredients and corporate actions.
17% of those surveyed were Green Motivated and an additional 25% Green Interested. Not quite a majority, but then again better than the 30:3 ratio

via Landor News

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