Saturday, October 15, 2005

High-Tech Gadget Helps Boost Concentration

I am always a sucker for a good mind altering gadget.

Light and sound machines consist of three basic components: a small Walkman-sized control unit, light emitting diode (LED)-installed goggles and stereo headphones.

The control unit is a micro-computer pre-programmed with software that regulates the intensity and frequency of flickering lights and rhythmic pulsating sounds, two stimuli that in combination generate changes in brainwaves.

Such a combination of stimuli increases certain brainwave frequencies (beta, alpha, theta and delta waves) that are associated with specific mental states.
Preset programs mix and match fine-tuned sound frequencies and flickering lights induce certain desired mental states that enhance a personÂ’s efforts to concentrate or manage stress.
Sounds cool. Watch and listen to one thing to get pumped up, another to relax at the end of the day.
At the moment, South Korea is the only country that has a mature market for light and sound machines.

Since 1992, Daeyang Education and Communication (E&C) has sold a total of 1.1 million units of its MC Square light and sound machines.
South Korea already hasubiquitouss high speed broadband and kick ass cellphones. Now they are trying to corner the market in light and sound machines. I think I need to move.
DaeyangÂ’s product marketing activities relied solely on word-of-mouth advertising by its customers. While less than 40 percent of its customers (mothers and teenage students) recommended MC Square to their friends, the remainder hushed up their use of the product due to sense of rivalry, keeping the benefits to themselves.
Maybe I don't want to go to South Korea. They sound like a bunch of dicks.
``The light and sound system has a broad range of applications. It can be used for managing the stress of soldiers and athletes of national teams. It can also be customized for pets and domesticated animal farms,Â’Â’ she elaborated.
Um, you are going to give my cool mind altering gadget to a pig? I have now lost total faith in the sanity of the South Koreans. In fact, if this gadget is going to pigs, I am no longer sure that I want one anymore. I think I might just get me one of those new video iPods instead.

Via The Korea Times

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Luke said...

Hey! I'm Korean! But I gotta agree with you, the Korean moms there are really really competitive. They want THEIR child to be super successful, and they want THEIR child to be supeer successful ONLY. They're really selfish.

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