Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Body Temperature Powered Battery

A tiny new generator that produces electricity from small variations in temperature could turn people into power packs for medical implants and clear the way for complex wireless monitoring systems.

The temperature difference between the skin and the surrounding air is about 15 degrees Kelvin, said Stark. Even within the body there is a useable temperature difference between the core and the surface, he said.

The Thermo Life generator is 9.3 millimeters in diameter and 1.4 millimeters high, about half the size of a penny and within the size range of 1.55-volt watch batteries. The company has packed 5,074 thermocouples (electricity-producing circuits) into the generator, and the device provides a relatively high voltage from a smaller temperature difference: At a difference of 5 degrees Celsius, the generator produces 3.1 volts at 36 microamps, yielding 110 microwatts of electrical power.
Cool, I can power my body upgrades with my body heat. Not quite as cool as blood powered fuel cells but heck I'll take anything.

via Wired News

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