Thursday, September 15, 2005

More Health Care than Coffee in your Latte

First GM reports that there is more health care than steel in their cars. Now Starbucks reports there is more health care than coffee in their lattes.

Health insurance costs Starbucks $200 million last year, more than the company spends on coffee, Schultz said.
Good thing that the Bush administration has their priorities straight and is trying to reform Social Security. Health care should be the number one issue in politics. Bigger than Iraq, bigger than terrorism. The amount of lives that are lost due to our bad system and the amount of money that is wasted dwarfs the whole war on terror. Why won't someone jump on this issue?
The premium increases mean that family coverage now costs an average of $10,880 a year, up from $9,950 last year and surpassing the gross earnings for a full-time minimum-wage worker for the first time.
Wow. Not that you should be raising a family on minimum wage, but that is amazing that one income could go entirely to paying for health care.

via The Seattle Times

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