Friday, April 21, 2006

Grass Commons

Off that WorldChanging post on GreenScanner, there is a comment about a similar project by Grass Commons. I like what this nonprofit is attempting.

With information about products and companies as scattered and inconvenient as it currently is, few if any of us could claim with confidence that we always mean what we pay. But we can get there. Grass Commons is fueled by curiosity, optimism, and passion for creative ways to cultivate personal, social, and environmental health, even in a complex and confusing economy. Shopping is now a bombardment of slick suitors — we want it to be a wonderful learning experience that connects citizens to the world around them, making them feel empowered by every penny’s vote. It’s the Information Age; it can happen!
Love the tagline of "mean what you pay". They are attempting to build a website to do the following: is about helping users gather and share information in ways that will let online shoppers learn what they care to know when they need to know it. It’s designed to help its user community do three things:

  • amass nuggets of consumer wisdom using community research tools that unite the collaborative elegance of wikis with the organizing power of tagging (wagging).
  • map together existing research on products and companies (IntoGreater).
  • find their favorite bits of all this information when it’s most useful by clicking directly from shopping sites big and small (Hooze on Top).
If they can integrate data from other sources about environmental practices and social responsibility to make it available when you are shopping that would be very useful.

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