Sunday, June 04, 2006

Google Toolbar Spell Checker

If you use the Google Toolbar, don't miss the spell checker tool. It will spell check any field that you fill out on a form. I use it for Blogger and Yahoo Mail and it works great. Way better then the spell checkers built into Blogger or Yahoo Mail. If you are a horrible speller like me, you gotta check it out. Ironically, if this tool was built earlier, Google may not have ever existed, as Google was a misspelling of googol. Even more ironically, the spell checker sees googol as being misspelled and offers Google as a way to correct it.

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wom said...

The spell-check is a great feature, and it's a good thing Firefox is integrating its own in Firefox 2.0. I need such a feature sometimes when the post is too long for me to manually proofread for spelling errors.

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