Friday, August 25, 2006

Isaac Newton vs. Genghis Khan

Isaac Newton was the greatest scientist in history and, perhaps more than anyone before or since, changed the world with his ideas. 'Nearer the Gods' said Edmond Halley 'no mortal may approach'.

Newton never had any children and is believed, like Adam Smith and Immanuel Kant, to have died a virgin. So arguably, the three most influential intellectuals of modern times never had sexual relations with a woman. Maybe there's a lesson there.

Genghis Khan ruled the largest land empire ever known and was the most prolific human breeder on record. An estimated one in every 200 persons alive carry his genes.

Who was the more successful individual, Isaac or Genghis? What matters more, genes or ideas?

On a less cosmic scale, the genes versus ideas concept has demographic applications. For the West has dominated the modern age militarily and economically, with Europe and its descendant nations like America, Australia and Canada leading the world in almost every measurable index. Yet in sheer genetic terms, i.e., population growth, the 20th century was actually a triumph for the non-European world.
Interesting question, anyone have any opinions?

via Jamaica Gleaner

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Prince Nation said...

So, the virgins are the smart thinkers, and the players are the conquerers?

I'd go for Issac Newton though he didn't conquer half of Asia he did something that matters in modern days by discovering gravity. And as you can see the Mongolian Empire is nolonger around.

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