Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Interesting Articles of the Week

Go on an Energy Diet?

Take a look at the predictions of 2000 from 1950.

An interesting look at US vs. European health care R&D.

A new type of semiconductor material is designed which could improve the efficiency of solar cells to around 45 percent.


crush41 said...

America's relatively competitive medical industry subsidizes the rest of the world with its innovations/R&D.

The US has a higher percentage of blacks and Hispanics than any country in Europe (who have shorter lifespans than whites). Those of East Asian ancestry live longer than people anywhere else in the world (the correlation between IQ and life expectancy is an astounding .85).

I wonder what the white-to-white comparison looks like. Recent news suggests it's still probably not good.

mping said...


I agree with you that America subsidizes the rest of world with our medical R&D. I don't know if I would attribute so much to the fact that the US health care industry is more competitive as to the fact we just spend a whole lot more on medical care.

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