Friday, July 27, 2007

Play Attention

Play Attention is a computer game that uses brain waves, to move objects on a computer screen. Repetitive use of the training system is meant to improve attention, focus, and memory skills for children and others with ADHD, though people who are not “attention challenged” (as the company likes to put it), will also see improvement in their game performance.

Using technology originally developed to help pilots stay alert, the system utilizes a bike helmet lined with sensors connected to a computer. There are 5 games designed to improve different aspects of attention including attention stamina, visual tracking and discrimination of important vs. unimportant stimuli, and short term memory processing.

The company spokesperson said that commonly a student will go from 50% of time on task for 5 minutes to around 80% time on task for after 12 hours of use. After 40-60 hours usually a student can stop using the system.
via Brain Waves


Georg said...

That's interesing. I was working with similar technology in the early 1980s as a grad student in behavioral psychology.

It's amazing how long it takes simple technology to break into the exclusivist guilds. And they're still using Freudian analysis!

Fat Knowledge said...


It is amazing how long it takes some technologies to come to market. I am sure it will take 10 years or more for me to be able to purchase some of the cool stuff I am blogging on.

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