Friday, December 28, 2007

Garlic May Cut Cow Flatulence

Because it is the holiday season and I am in a giving mood, I will toss in a bonus cow fart post just for Climateer.

Scientists in Wales tackling the impact flatulent cows and sheep have on global warming may have an answer - putting garlic in their food.

The average dairy cow is capable of producing up to 500 litres of the gas every day, mostly through belching.

"Initial results show that extracts of garlic compound could reduce the amount of methane produced by the animals by 50%," he said. "Garlic directly attacks the organisms in the gut that produce methane."
Hmm, wonder if this solution works for humans as well?

A 50% reduction would be significant. Any drawbacks?
The Aberystwyth research team is testing if this taints milk or meat - and gives the animals bad breath.
Garlic steak actually doesn't sound bad, but garlic milk is definitely no good. And how exactly do you test whether a cow has bad breath? I find it hard to believe they have good breath on a non-garlic diet.

via BBC via Wired

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