Sunday, April 05, 2009

Windows 7 Shortcuts in XP

If you like the look of Windows 7's great new keyboard shortcuts but aren't planning to upgrade for a while, Windows 7 Shortcuts enables some of the best Win7 shortcuts for XP and Vista.

Win+Left/Right arrows: Dock the window to each side of the monitor
Win+Up arrow: Maximize the active window
Win+Down arrow: Minimize the window/Restore the window if it's maximized
Win+Space: All windows are made transparent so you can see the desktop
Win+Home: Minimize all windows but the current window
Download here.

Arranging windows in XP sucks, as I have lamented before. These keyboard shortcuts are really useful, and I can't wait for Windows 7 to be released so they are standard issue.

via LifeHacker

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