Monday, May 04, 2009

Wesabe Partners With WattzOn

Here at Wesabe, we’re constantly working to make your financial data more than just a set of retrospective numbers shown in a few pretty graphs. We’ve formed a partnership with WattzOn to help consumers more easily quantify, understand and reduce their personal energy consumption.

Through this partnership, Wesabe members will be able to see both the financial and environmental impact of their spending. By tapping in to WattzOn’s knowledgebase, you’ll be able to see your purchases in both dollars and watts. You’ll also have access to WattzOn’s wealth of comparison tools (How much energy do I use compared to my peers? To other countries? How large of a solar panel would be needed to fuel my life?) and recommendations.

We plan to launch the integrated Wesabe/WattzOn application at the March O’Reilly ETech conference in San Jose (and will probably have something for you to check out in Wesabe Labs prior to then). In the meantime, we’ve created a few preview screenshots to give you an idea of what a dual financial and environmental view of your energy usage could look like:

Looks cool. I like the of being able to easily see both the financial and environmental impact of my spending. Hopefully it will be both easy to use and have accurate environmental impact information.

via Wesabe

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