Sunday, June 28, 2009

Is GM Even An American Company?

It has 463 subsidiaries and employs 234,500 people, 91,000 of them in America, where it also provides health-care and pension benefits for 493,000 retired workers.

For all his sometimes plodding approach at home, Mr Wagoner had proved surprisingly fleet of foot abroad, where GM was making 65% of its sales. GM had long been big in Latin America, but in China and Russia it was reaping the rewards from being among the first foreign firms to set up factories. In China, with its joint-venture partner, SAIC, GM now has 12% of a market that will soon surpass America’s.
Over 1/2 of GM's customers and employees are outside the US. With numbers like those, it makes you wonder what exactly makes GM an American company?

Maybe it is the owners. I wonder what percentage of GM was owned by Americans before the bankruptcy?

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