Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Global Poll: India Sees Bush As Good For Peace

In a recent 21-nation poll, the land of Mohandas Gandhi and the Taj Mahal was one of two countries in which a clear majority thought Bush's re-election made the world safer.

In the poll, 62 percent of 1,005 Indians described Bush's re-election as positive for peace and security. Only 27 percent said it was negative.
What the hell is wrong with India? Didn't think they would buy into Bush's "Peace through War" philosophy.
Chief among the reasons Indians cited for liking Bush is his stance against terrorism. Indians, who have long faced terrorist attacks from separatists in Kashmir and other regions, welcome Bush's pressure on India's longtime nemesis, Pakistan, to crack down on Islamic militants trying to cross to the Indian side of Kashmir.
And that crack down is working so well. Its not like Bin Laden and Al Qaeda is just hanging out in Pakastan and can't be touched. And Musharraf is so popular that he could hold an election any time he wants.

"We are sufferers of terrorism," said Dr. Pankaj Dhawan, a dental surgeon and enthusiastic Bush backer. "What has France experienced? Nothing. What has Germany experienced? Nothing. Let them come to the ground level and experience it."
Thanks for that analysis, dumbass. First, France has had experienced terrorism. In the mid 80s the country grappled with Palestinian and European extremist groups. As this article in the Washington Post points out:
"You do see France making an effort to cast itself as the friendly Western power," as distinct from the United States, he said. "When it comes to counterterrorism operations, France is hard-core. . . . But they are also very cognizant of what public diplomacy is all about."

France has embraced a law enforcement strategy that relies heavily on preemptive arrests, ethnic profiling and an efficient domestic intelligence-gathering network. French anti-terrorism prosecutors and investigators are among the most powerful in Europe, backed by laws that allow them to interrogate suspects for days without interference from defense attorneys.
And what about Germany? Lets not forget that the brains of the 9/11 operation were from an Al Qaeda cell in Germany. Germany knows that those terrorists could have just as easily attacked them. And if you think experiencing terrorism first hand makes you more pro-Bush, why did Spain go the other direction after 3/11?

So India, if you like Bush please take him. We will trade him for Manmohan Singh any day of the week.

via Seattle Times

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