Wednesday, February 23, 2005

The Great White (non-American) Hope

I was watching the NBA All-Star game this weekend (not in HD which was really pissing me off, why the hell is TNT broadcasting the All-Star game? Has basketball fallen that far that it can't even get on the regular channels?) and noticed something strange: every white player was born out side of the US and every black player was born in the US (half credit for Tim Duncan was born in the US Virgin Islands).

Check out the team lineup:
Zydrunas Ilgauskas: Lithuania
Manu Ginobili: Argentina
Steve Nash: Canada
Dirk Nowitzki: Germany.
And probably the most paled (paleist, palist, palest? Damn it, the whitest skinned player) player in the game was another foreign born: 7-6" Yao Ming of China.

I am not even going to conjecture as to why this is. In baseball you have lots of lots of foreign born blacks and whites (mainly from Latin America) along with the Asian born players that play in the All Star game. In Football there are almost no foreign players. In Hockey, well who cares its hockey. :)

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