Thursday, November 09, 2006

Think Twice About Traveling There

Imagine visiting a country where there are more than two guns for every three people, which suffers 45 murders and manslaughters a day, which has 70 active militias and 16,000 gangs in 800 cities, which has been at war with someone for most of its existence, and where the elected president has a 1-in-4 chance, historically, of being killed, wounded or shot at.

But you don't have to imagine, you already live here, in the United States. And the figures above, taken from the FBI and Robert Young Pelton's book, "The World's Most Dangerous Places," are a way of putting travel risk in perspective.

Foreign destinations are often no more fraught with risk than home, sweet home.
70 active militias and 16,000 gangs? Yikes!

The rest of the article is about traveling around the world and is pretty interesting.

via Pacific Northwest


crush41 said...

Imagine a developed country with pockets of Haita sporadically placed throughout it that run up all kinds of pathological statistics. You're already there.

Adjust for racial composition, and the US falls right in line with the rest of European developed world.

Fat Knowledge said...


You meant Haiti right?

I think you are basically correct. The US is a first world country with pockets of the third world in our inner cities. A black man is safer serving in Iraq than living in Philly.

crush41 said...

Yeah, I meant Haiti. Sorry.

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