Saturday, November 04, 2006

Underwater Nude Model Bitten by Shark on Photo Shoot

There were two close calls for two of West Palm Beach underwater-nude photographer Todd Essick's models.

Essick was working on a new coffee-table picture book of disrobed women interacting with sea life in the Bahamas last week when his muses bumped into overly friendly reef sharks.

One model, 26-year-old San Francisco mermaid Renata Foucre, has 22 puncture wounds on her left foot and a prescription for antibiotics to prove it.

And a colleague, Boca siren Missy Kehoe, found a 6-foot shark entangled in the fishnet costume she wore for her pictorial. That beast found its way out without hurting her.
If Jaws taught me anything it is that naked women and sharks don't mix.

And what is the deal with the nude model wearing clothes? If common sense taught me anything it is that nude models and clothes don't mix.

If you are curious what his work looks like, check it out. Kind of cool actually.

via Underwater Times


Becky said...

I know these people- the models and the photographer

Yes the costumes (rather than nude) may have been a bad idea. the girl that got a little bite was in a gown... could look like shiny fish to a shark.

Fat Knowledge said...

Hi Becky,

That is cool that you know the models and photographer. I hope everyone recovered from the ordeal.

I quite like Essick's photography. I hope he keeps with it and that this experience doesn't deter him from it.

Becky said...

Yeah he does great work, he opened a gallery in FL now. One of the pictures from that shoot is on the cover of a current magazine:

No one is deterred at all, in fact they are planning their next "adventure"!

Fat Knowledge said...

The pictures in the magazine look great.

Can't wait to see what the next adventure is. Just be careful with the eels.

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