Monday, April 09, 2007

Planet Earth

If you haven't checked out the Planet Earth series on the Discovery Channel, you will definitely want to add it to your Netflix Queue. My favorite segment is this super super slow mo video of a Great White getting a seal (the second attack is better than the first in my opinion). It took them two weeks of filming to get these 2 minutes of video, but they are totally worth it.

This expedition was headed by my hero Chris Fallows, who starred in the excellent documentary Air Jaws. That was my favorite documentary of all time before it got bumped by Cracking the Ocean Code.


Andy said...

I agree. That video is absolutely amazing. I'm surprised it only took 2 months. Even if it would have taken a lifetime to get, it would be worth it. That is going to be a very famous video clip.

Fat Knowledge said...

I am with you Andy. I think it might be time to sign up for an expedition .

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