Friday, November 02, 2007


I just found this handy tool for remapping (and disabling) keyboard shortcuts in Firefox called Keyconfig.

I wanted to use the Blogger keyboard shortcut Ctrl-Shift-A to add a hyperlink, but for some reason my Crtl-Shift-A was mapped to do an HTML validation. After installing keyconfig, I was able to turn off that mapping (and Ctrl-Shift-A was actually also mapped to open up Add-ons as well, so I got rid of that one too) and now the hyperlinking works like a charm.

Also, I turned off the backspace acting as a back button in the browser. This has screwed me many a time while playing Web Sudoku when I am trying to delete the contents of a square and I inadvertently hit the backspace with no box highlighted. Next thing I know I am looking at my previous page and my game is gone. Oh, and if you do play Web Sudoku, you should definitely use my Grease Monkey script to add colors to the numbers.

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