Monday, January 07, 2008

TVs at CES: Bigger, Thinner, Wireless and Internet Enabled

The new TVs are on display at CES.

As always they are getting bigger as seen with Sony's 82" 4K TV and Sharp's 108-inch LCD. But Panasonic takes the cake with their behemoth 150-inch plasma TV wall (see picture to the left).

TVs are also getting thinner with Panasonic's ultrathin plasma displays, LG's 42" 1.7-inch LGX LCD HDTV, Pioneer's 9mm thick, infinite contrast 50-inch plasma HDTV and Hitachi's 1.5" LCD TVs that come in 32", 37" and 42" varieties. But, I really like Sony's OLED TVs which are as thick as 2 credit cards. The 11" model is now on sale and the demo of the 27" model looks pretty sweet.

Bringing HD content to the TV is going wireless with Panasonic's WirelessHD, Westinghouse & Pulse-Link's Wireless HDMI, WUSB, and Samsung's HD WiFi video camera.

Finally, content is coming via the internet to TVs with Panasonic's Viera CAST network HDTVs, HD podcasts on HD Tivos and Netflix's agreement with LG.

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