Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Global Warming Skeptics Responsible for Collapse of Economy

I just finished reading Green Hell, and the obvious conclusion from reading this is that global warming skeptics are responsible for the current collapse of the economy. Why you ask?

First, the highest priority of global warming skeptics like Steven Milloy is to keep the economy strong. Their biggest concern is that greens will enact global warming and other environmental regulations that will "destroy the economy".

Aside: Steven Milloy not only missed what really destroys economies, he missed what destroys companies as well. In his book, he singles out Ford's CEO and the former CEO of Goldman Sachs as greens who harmed their shareholders with their beliefs. Yes, if only these CEOs had acted more like their competitors at Chrysler, GM, Bear Sterns and Lehman Brothers, their shareholder would be much better off. Oh, wait...

Second, they pride themselves in being able to find flaws in climate models.

Why then are they responsible for the current destruction of the economy? Because the same skills that can find flaws in climate models can also find flaws in financial models. Had they focused in on this hockey stick graph of housing prices to household income,

rather than this hockey stick graph of temperature risings,

they could have warned us about the housing bubble and stopped it from destroying the economy. Instead of focusing in on real threats to the economy, they spent their time fighting against hypothetical environmental regulations that have never been passed and in so doing are responsible for allowing our economy to crash.

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