Friday, May 27, 2005

Fat Knowledge Search Rankings

I was getting a couple of comments from people I didn't know, so I hooked up a site meter to see what kind of traffic I was getting and where it was coming from.

Turns out lots of people are coming in via searches on Yahoo and Google. I have been having fun seeing what people are searching on and where I rank.

I have been getting mad love from the search term "homesourcing". This is the way most people are coming to my blog. I am was actually ranked #1 now #2 on Yahoo (which once again makes me wonder how good a search engine Yahoo really is). But, I am also #14 on Google so that is some serious cred.

I am ranked #1 on Yahoo for "how much gold is there in the world" so that is cool. I also am was ranked #1 on Google for "Industry Brains 16W", but that doesn't mean much because that search means nothing.

I am embarrassed that I am was #5 on Yahoo for "us foreign debt". This is really scary, this is a real topic that should have tons of good webpages on it. I felt much better after finding out I don't make the top 60 on Google for this term.

I am stoked that I am #3 on Google for "Pimped out volkswagen golfs", #16 on Google for "megadorks", #4 on Yahoo for "japanese kamasutra" (might have helped that I misspelled this as one word), #3 on Yahoo for "shot down in a blaze of glory" and #4 on Yahoo for "hate something change something honda".

On the more serious side of searches, Fat Knowledge ranked #6 for "hydrothermal vents lifeforms" (this was from the Netherlands, where Fat Knowledge is almost as huge as David Hasselhoff, but we also get a 9 ranking for this term in the US), #20 for "ethanol from biomass from corn", #19 for "Art of Questioning" and #27 for "are viruses alive".

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