Friday, May 27, 2005

Where Does Your Tax Money Go?

Good article by PARADE Magazine that looks at the national budget.

Total US Spending for 2005: $2.5 Trillion

Largest sources of Income:
$894 billion from Income Tax
$774 billion from Payroll Taxes
$226 billion from Corporate Income taxes
$427 billion or more from Borrowing (this is how much we are borrowing if you don't believe in the Social Security Trust fund. If you believe that it is real and that the government can borrow money to itself, then you should add another $150 billion to this number or $577 billion)

Largest sources of Spending:
$527 billion for the Military
$521 billion for Medicare and Medicaid
$519 billion for Social Security
$321 billion for debt payments
$200 billion for other social programs

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Anonymous said...

if a "fat-tax" were initiated, where would the money from the tax go? and how would it be spent?

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