Saturday, May 07, 2005

Pope's Old Car Sells on Ebay

Pope Benedict XVI's former car has sold for nearly a quarter of a million dollars after an Internet auction that saw bids rocket in the space of a few hours.
Sweet, I want to pick up that pimped out pope mobile and drive around in the bullet proof glass cocoon.
The highest winning offer for the 1999 model metallic grey Volkswagen Golf when bidding closed was just under 189,000 euros (244,000 dollars).
What the fuck? Volkswagen Golf, that isn't what the pope drives around in. Everyone knows the pope has a pope mobile. Who the hell would pay $250,000 for a Volkswagen Golf?
The new owner is an online casino that has paid high prices for novelty auctions in the past.
Oh, an undisclosed online casino. I would guess that would mean (see previous post on the monkey). And now the media is on to this gig to get free press and they won't even mention them by name in the article. Well at least they got a car that the previous pope drove.
In fact Ratzinger likely never drove it. According to Roman Catholic Church sources, he does not have a driving permit.
Alright now this is getting ridiculous. Why would the pope have a car if he can't even drive? And how can you grow up in Germany with the Autobahn and not learn to drive? I mean no speed limits, what kind of 16 year old would pass up that opportunity?

via Yahoo! News

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