Friday, February 10, 2006

More Teen Boys Smoke Marijuana than Cigarettes

These articles are all about how girls use more drugs than boys, but what I found more fascinating was that there are more boys that started to use marijuana than cigarettes.

Among the same age group, 730,000 girls started smoking cigarettes in 2004, compared with 565,000 boys, and 675,000 girls starting using marijuana, compared with 577,000 boys, the survey found.
In Columbia's latest survey, 42 percent of teenagers reported they would have no trouble purchasing marijuana in a day. "That's 11 million kids."
I am curious as to what the number would be for cigarettes. Probably higher.

Amazing that more boys are using an illegal drug than one which is legal (once you hit 18). This supports my idea that we should do to marijuana what we did with tabacco: make it legal, tax the hell out out it and use the money for anti-drug education and rehab.

via Washington Post and Seattle PI

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