Wednesday, February 22, 2006

San Francisco to Recycle Dog Crap

Within the next few months, Norcal Waste will begin a pilot program under which it will use biodegradable bags and dog-waste carts to pick up droppings at a popular dog park.

The droppings will be tossed into a contraption called a methane digester, which is basically a tank in which bacteria feed on feces for weeks to create methane gas.

San Francisco -- named after Saint Francis, patron saint of animals -- has an estimated 240,000 dogs and cats. The animal feces make up nearly 4 percent of residential waste, or 6,500 tons a year.
Not quite Cow Fart Tycoon numbers but why not? And while we are at it, why not use the energy and nutrients in human waste as well? I guess there is always the do-it-yourself approach.

The best part of this story is looking at the titles via Google News:
Harnessing the power of dog poo
Dog pooh a gas
Green group scoops pooch poo for power
Fido, go produce some electricity
San Francisco seeks to unleash the power in dog droppings
City goes to the dogs for a new source of power
San Francisco Turning Poop into Power
Powerful smell, powerful energy source?

via Sun Times

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