Sunday, January 14, 2007

Current Time Publish Button for Beta/New Blogger

Another thing that annoyed me about Blogger is that there is no easy way to set the post date and time to the current time. Often times I start working on a post, but don't finish it for a couple of days. It is kind of a pain to have and manually set the time, and often times I forget to do it and the post ends up way down on the blog. So I went ahead and fixed this too.

I have added a new button to the right of the publish button, a "Publish Now" button that will automatically set the post time stamp to the current time before publishing. Once again you need Firefox and Greasemonkey. Then go ahead and install it (or view the userscripts page) and let me know what you think.


Kato said...

This is a great little script.

It would appear that blogger moved "new blogger" accounts over to the www address, so this script now needs to include www.blogger etc. in it's list of included pages (or simply *.blogger would work).

Fat Knowledge said...


Glad to hear that you like the script.

I have upgraded the script so it will handle I renamed the script to remove the beta from the title, so you may have to uninstall the old version before (or after) installing the new version.

Thanks for notifying me of this issue.

Kato said...

Looks good, thanks!

VE said...

How to Install ? Tsk

Fat Knowledge said...

Hi ve,

You need to have greasemonkey installed first.

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