Friday, January 05, 2007

Quinn Norton on Body Hacking at 23c3

Interesting look at "Body hacking - Functional body modification. You are the platform." I am excited about the idea of implanting devices into our bodies, and it is good to see that experimentation has begun. Let the hackers figure out what works, so that 10-20 years from now all the kinks will be worked out and it can become common place.

I like this idea:

a guy wants to get a bone implanted hearing aid to listen to the phone in his head. Still looking for a doctor to perform the surgery.
I think it is only a matter of time before we all have implanted cellphones. I hope he finds a doctor so we can get the process started. No more annoying ring tones for everyone to be subjected to. Well except for the one in your head, and won't that be annoying if you forget how to turn it off. :)

Couple this with a way to capture your speech just by silently mouthing the words which is then sent via cellphone and you really have something.

via WorldChanging

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