Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Gasoline Prices Around the World

You would think that a commodity traded worldwide would have prices similar everywhere. But, with gasoline not so much.

Those that want the gasoline price to return below $2 should take a look at the countries that have such low prices: Venezuela, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt, UAE, and Nigeria. Don't think I would want to live in any of those countries (although Dubai is intriguing).

And then there is North Korea with $2.08 gasoline. How are they getting gasoline so cheap considering they have to import almost all of their oil? I would guess that is the Chinese that are supplying them, but why so cheaply? Especially considering that South Korea is paying $6.06.

And you have to love those Norwegians. While almost every other oil exporter has low gasoline prices, they have $6.48 a gallon prices.

via Wired

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