Wednesday, June 20, 2007

My New Favorite Patent

My new favorite patent is #6,982,161: Process for the utilization of ruminant animal methane emissions.

What is it exactly?

A method for producing methane-utilizing microorganisms in a confined apparatus comprising using the methane exhaled through ruminant animal exhalation as a source of carbon and/or energy for the growth of said microorganisms comprising:
a. collecting methane gas that has been exhaled through ruminant animal exhalation,
You would think with my fascination with becoming a cow fart tycoon, I would have come across this patent before but somehow it missed my purview. This is utterly (or should I say udderly) fantastic. It captures all of the methane (natural gas) that the cow breathes out, thereby trapping a potent greenhouse gas from being emitted, and allowing it to be burned for heat or electricity generation.

My grandfather was a dairy farmer and never did I have a desire to become one until I read this. How cool would it be to have 300 head of cattle all wearing one of these things? Like having a bunch of cow Storm Troopers (not to be confused with Darth Mooder).

Markus Donald Herrema, you are my hero.

via Wired and Tree Hugger

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MensaRefugee said...

Imagine putting an injured cow down. Aim for the head? Or take a sniper shot to the backpack XD

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