Friday, May 23, 2008

Firefox Quick Searches

If you're a Firefox user who eschews the mouse, then keyword Quick searches are for you. Give it a try: in Firefox, key up to the location bar (Windows: Alt-D, Mac: Cmd-L), type dict eschew and hit Enter. You'll be automagically transported to the definition of "eschew" (to avoid, shun). That's a Quick search in action.

Today's feature offers 15 useful Quick Searches which you can execute in Firefox without ever taking your fingers from the keyboard.
I just set this up, and I find it very useful. I don't do thesaurus lookups very much as it takes a lot of mouse clicks to complete. Now all I have to type in is "thes eschew" and up it comes.

Click the link to find out how to set it up on your machine.

via Lifehacker

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