Monday, June 16, 2008


Jott is a free service converts your voice into emails, text messages, reminders, lists and appointments. You just dial 866-JOTT-123 to access it. I find it useful for two tasks.

First, it allows me to take notes when I am on the go. Instead of keeping a pen and paper handy, Jott allows me to dictate my note on my cellphone and then get a transcribed version emailed to me. I find that lots of ideas come to me when I am out hiking and now with Jott I won't lose them. If you have ever been envious of doctors or lawyers walking around with digital recorders and saying things like "Note to self:", now is your chance to be able to do the same without needing to pay for a secretary for transcription.

Second, it allows me to speak rather than type a text message. I prefer text messages to voicemail as they are quicker and simpler to check (and infinitely better if there is something like a phone number being relayed). But, text messages are more painful to send then leaving voicemail as it takes longer to type them out. Jott relieves this problem, allowing you to just speak your message just like you would a voicemail and then leaving it to Jott to convert it into a text message.

Jott works as a stand alone service, but really it would be even better if the telephone companies integrated it into their service. Instead of having to dial Jott's number to send a text message, it would be great if when you are leaving a voicemail for someone, the cell phone companies gave you the option of sending it as a text message instead.

Overall, Jott is a cool application and I would recommend checking it out.

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