Sunday, June 29, 2008

McKinsey on the Economics of Solar

Interesting graph from McKinsey's new analysis piece: "The economics of solar power" (for some reason the link isn't live yet).

Who knew that Italy is the only country where solar power is now at grid parity? Seems like a good place to start a solar panel installation company.

10 years from now, solar looks to be competitive in many countries without subsidies.

And, is this a 5 dimensional graph? Takes a minute to figure out what all they are trying to express here.

There is a similar cool graph in Solar Revolution that showed what year solar electricity would be competitive in various cities in the US based on electricity prices and the amount of sunlight they received. Unfortunately the author isn't sharing that graph (on page 146) in Google's book search or Amazon's search in the book feature, so I can't share it with you and try and tempt you to buy his book. Lame.

via Grist

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