Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Air Force One

Last year America ramped up wind-power capacity to 25 gigawatts (GW), overtaking the previous leader, Germany, according to new data from the Global Wind Energy Council.
Suck Blow on it, Germany. We're #1!

via The Economist


Me said...

Portugal as a country is barely making enough windpower to run the DeLorean.

Anonymous said...

All that capacity and nothing to blow. What a shame capacity is not the same thing as production. Imagine if all the money and resources were spent on a real energy source.

Anonymous said...

Ehm, let's see. Germany - population of 80 milion has 24% of production; USA - population of 300 milion has 25%. And I am not even accounting for the fact that the US has much higher energy consumption per capita than Germany or any other country in the world. So quite honestly it is not that astonishing when you consider the proportion of energy provided by wind power.

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