Thursday, February 12, 2009

Educational Attainment and Wages Changes by Sex

In recent decades, as the educational attainment of men has stagnated, so have their wages. The median male worker is roughly as educated as he was 30 years ago and makes roughly the same in hourly pay. The median female worker is far more educated than she was 30 years ago and makes 30 percent more than she did then.
You can take a look at how the average (mean) years of completed schooling has changed over the last 100 year by sex here.

via NY Times Magazine

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Anonymous said...

When I was laid off from a manufacturing job for automobile manufacturing (thank you very much) I chose to go back to school because I could see many more women gaining degrees and gaining powerful positions over men. Not that that is bad, bud in some cases some of these women were players and were themeselves abusing their position over men, as a man, this is incredibly difficult to deal with. I chose to gain my own degree partly for that reason.

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