Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Corn Yield Growth

The U.S. average corn yield in 2007 was nearly twice the world average (9.5 versus 5 metric tons per hectare). If the 2007 world average corn yield had been even 75 percent of the U.S. average, world corn production would have been 1.13 billion metric tons rather than the actual 789.2 million metric tons. The theoretical difference of 340.8 million metric tons is four times larger than the amount of corn processed into biofuels globally in 2007/08.
While I have pointed out the amazing amount of corn consumption in the US and where it goes, it is also worth pointing out how much greater the US yield of corn per acre is over the rest of the world. Also amazing how the US (and the entire world) has been able to double yield over the last 40 years. Hopefully that trend will continue.

via Renewable Fuel Association (.pdf) via Green Car Congress

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